25-27 July 2023 | Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia

Please note that travel grant applicants may apply for one grant scheme only.

Geoconferences JH Lord Travel Grant

The JH Lord Travel Grants will be available through Geoconferences. Please visit the Geoconferences website for information regarding availability, eligibility and the application process.

Based at a Western Australian tertiary institution?

JH Lord Travel Grants are available to Western Australian students and researchers to attend local, national and international geological conferences, training courses and field excursions. Applicants presenting the results of their work will be given priority.

Grants for an interstate conference or field excursion will typically cover the registration fee, and, if applicable, subsidise an economy airfare and budget accommodation costs.

Based interstate or overseas?

Applications from outside Western Australia are only available to:

  • postgraduate students, postdoctoral and early career researchers (<5 years after PhD).
  • those presenting the results of their work at a conference held in Western Australia.

Grants will typically cover the registration fee and subsidise an economy airfare to Western Australia and budget accommodation costs.

For applicants who reside in countries designated by the World Bank as ‘low-income’ or ‘lower-middle-income’ economies, the Travel Grants Committee has the discretion to make travel and accommodation arrangements associated with the conference and fully cover these costs. The recipients of such grants will be encouraged to visit local research institutions to promote scientific exchange.

For 6ias, Geoconferences may provide waived registration fees and/or travel support postgraduates, postdoctoral and early career researchers (<5 years after PhD) from Australia, and overseas countries, with special consideration to applicants who reside in countries designated by the World Bank as ‘low-income’ or lower-middle-income’ economies. For more details please contact Ignacio.gonzalez-alvarez@csiro.au

The deadline to apply for a grant is the 1 May 2023.

6ias Travel Grants


The 6ias Travel Grants provide funds to assist students and early career researchers with travel costs associated with attending the meeting. Awardees may apply to receive up to  AU$2,000 in funds. If you are offered a travel grant, you are responsible for booking and organizing your own transportation and housing. You must pay your own meeting registration fee and all other travel costs, then get reimbursement of the awarded grant.  Grant recipients must physically check in at the symposium in order to provide proof of attendance. Funds will not be dispersed unless your attendance has been confirmed.

How to Apply?

The applications are now closed.

Scientists who wish to apply for travel support must be the corresponding author, as well as the first and presenting author of their contribution, and they must submit an abstract by 28 February 2023. Applicants should email travel_grant@6ias.org with a budgeted application requesting funds for up to AU$2,000 including the title of the abstract submitted and the name of the session where the abstract was submitted.

Evaluation criteria and requirements

Travel support is for early-career scientists. The nominee needs to satisfy the following criterion: Be an undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters/PhD) student or a scientist who has received their highest degree (BSc, MSc, or PhD) within the past seven years*. Preference is given to applicants from demographic groups who are underrepresented in Earth Sciences.

*Provided parental leave fell into that period, up to one year of parental leave time may be added per child, where appropriate.

Funds are also dedicated towards scientists from low, lower middle, and upper middle income countries as determined by the World Bank designation of Gross National Income per capita.

Additionally, travel grants may be requested by established scientists from low, lower middle, and upper middle income countries as determined by the World Bank designation of Gross National Income per capita.

Evaluation procedure

The 6ias Support Selection Committee will decide about awarding support to individual contributions by 15 May 2023. Based on the information provided, some abstracts may be deemed not eligible and rejected automatically. Eligible abstracts are forwarded for evaluation.

  1. The second and most important step is the evaluation of each abstract by the respective session convener, or by the programme group chair when the convener states a conflict of interest. (A conflict of interest arises when the convener is, for example, a co-author on the abstract or a supervisor, close collaborator or direct colleague of the applicant.)
  2. In the second step, the 6ias committee ranks the abstracts based, on a first instance, on the conveners’ evaluation.
  3. In the third and final step, the 6ias committee grants travel support within the overall budget allocation.

All applicants will be informed after the decision.